by Manolis Spanakis

by Manolis Spanakis

Milos 3

Milos of Venus part 3 From Sykia to Kleftiko

After the decline of the Roman Empire all the Cyclades became part of the Byzantine Empire. Very little historical evidence has been preserved for that time but it is known that Milos, as well as many other islands, was a victim of many pirates raids.

The town of Klima, capital of Milos, was abandoned after a disastrous earthquake and findings indicate that the inhabitants moved to areas like Komia and Emborios. Milos also suffered from numerous raids from Arabs and Slavs.

In the 8th and 9th centuries the inhabitants often rebelled against the Byzantine Emperor, mostly for religious reasons, and were repressed with great ferocity. After the fall of Constantinople to the Franks in 1204, Aegean islands came under Venetian domination. Milos was ruled by Marco Sanudo, and his dynasty, until 1361. When the pirate Barbarossa took over the island, the Krispon dynasty, following the Sanudo dynasty, didn’t offer any resistance and gave Milos to the Turks.

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